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The KTRADE team can provide the guidance your fiduciaries and participants need to achieve a successful plan. This team consists of KTRADE’s recordkeeping service, a leading custodian, your Investment Advisor and the local TPA.

In today’s retirement plan environment, our role as recordkeeper is especially critical. In fact, recordkeeping is the backbone of the participant-directed system that prevails today.

KTRADE will provide the following recordkeeping functions for your plan:

  • Expertly manage all aspects of plan contributions, distributions and other financial activity within the plan
  • Execute daily trade instructions
  • Maintain the participant, plan sponsor, advisor and TPA websites
  • Provide quarterly benefit statements
  • Offer on-demand statements and other reports
  • Provide enrollment materials
  • Interface with the TPA to provide needed data for compliance testing, reporting and other important administrative functions
  • Serve as liaison for the plan to the custodian
  • Serve as liaison for the TPA to the custodian for distribution and loan payments
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Participant education is an especially important part of an effective retirement plan. Your plan is only successful if your employees understand how it works and, as a result, are prepared to make informed decisions. KTRADE’s goal is to ensure your employees receive the education and guidance they need so they can take an active role in preparing for a sound and secure retirement.

Plan Sponsor Sheet

Download the KTRADE Plan Sponsor Product Sheet

KTRADE’S Web-based Toolkit for Employers

We offer a full range of online tools to ensure you can manage your plan effectively and efficiently.

For Employers

Self-service option when you need answers quickly

Secure gateway to process payroll contributions quickly and easily

Single place to find answers to help your employees

Easy online-enrollment process for new hires

Macro view of the plan with the ability to drill down to the individual participant level when needed

Convenient portal for all your reporting needs – Get the reports you want, when you want with our on-demand reporting feature

Clear view of all financial activity affecting the plan


Retirement plans are complex. Visit or video library to learn what you need to know.


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