Successful Outcomes

KTRADE Is Committed to Successful Outcomes

Now, more than ever, employees depend on their retirement account to see them through their retirement years.

KTRADE understands just how important this fact is to you and your employees. And we offer investment options and pricing that will maximize your employees’ retirement investments. In fact, if you and your Investment Advisor are looking for a particular fund—ask us. More than likely, we can make it available to you. And KTRADE does not own any investment alternatives, so we have no proprietary investment option requirement.

You’ll find our fees are some of the lowest in the industry. And KTRADE credits 100 percent of the revenue sharing that we receive from all investment alternatives against our professional fees. Our preference is to use investment alternatives that do not have any revenue sharing because generally those investment alternatives have the lowest expenses. Our reduced fees translate into higher account balances to participants – an advantage that can make a significant difference to your employees over the lifetime of the account. Check out what those differences can be by using the KTRADE Calculators.

Because we don’t own investment solutions, your Advisor is free to use the investment solutions that best fit your needs and those of your employees. KTRADE doesn’t have any proprietary fixed income solutions either. And that means you have a choice of leading stable value solutions that can add significant interest-rate improvements for participants invested in fixed income alternatives. Check out what those differences in fixed income returns can amount to in our KTRADE Calculators.

Our services and tools are designed to help your employees manage their retirement account. We offer lifestyle funds, target maturity funds, actively managed portfolios, exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, and fiduciary investment monitoring software. This online system is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We know that the ultimate test for any self-directed retirement plan is what it produces at retirement. KTRADE is the key to empowering your plan to maximize its outcomes.

We provide great educational tools and resources to help you learn how to create real financial security.