In collaboration with our business partners, KTRADE crafts custom, tailored retirement plan solutions to fit your unique business and your employees’ needs. It’s what we do. It’s all we do. This singular goal allows us to stay focused on what matters most - helping you and your employees plan, prepare and execute a sound path to financial retirement security. We look forward to becoming your trusted retirement plan partner.

KTRADE brings a unique set of tools and services to the table. It’s what sets us apart from all the rest.

Flexible Custodial and/or Trustee Services

Options for professional, unbundled custodial and trustee services with several of the nation’s leading fund trading platforms.

Open Architecture Service

The KTRADE platform offers you and your participants an array of global investment solutions from a broad universe of investment providers including:

  • Lifestyle funds or Target Date funds
  • Professionally and actively managed portfolios
  • Stable Value funds
  • Exchanged-Traded funds, or ETFs

Some of the Lowest Fees in the Industry

To make your plan as cost effective as possible, KTRADE credits 100% of the revenue we receive from all investment providers against our fees. This translates to higher account balances for your employees.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Each of our service delivery teams are staffed, trained, and aligned to delivery excellent customer service. Each day, we place your satisfaction as priority one. Additionally, we ensure complete transparency that includes full disclosure of all fees and fund derived revenues.

Fiduciary Investment Monitoring

KTRADE actively supports your financial Advisor by providing software and real-time data access that ensures they’re able to monitor your plan fund line-up, allocations, and participation levels. This enables your Advisor to effectively manage your plan’s investments and make active recommendations.

Cutting-Edge Account Access Websites

KTRADE provides 24 x 7 online account access for you, your participants, your Advisor and your TPA. Each user profile displays real-time data and provides transactions requests, data submission, and online reporting unique and specific to their role.

Effective & Efficient Web Tools

Employees have access to a variety of retirement education, assessment and planning tools through their online account access to help them better achieve their retirement savings goals.

KTRADE Supports more than 24,000 participants in 750 retirement plans.