Managed Accounts

Some participants find that managing their own retirement plan investments is too challenging. Many of these participants find they do not have the necessary expertise to manage their investments effectively, while others don’t have the time to do that work – or simply don’t want to do it.

KTRADE offers a network of professional Registered Investment Advisors that participants can hire to manage the assets in their plan. When offered by your plan, and then when hired by a participant, these professional Registered Investment Advisors assume discretionary control over the participant’s investments in your plan. They do this work after they analyze a participants’ risk profile, a process that includes assessing risk tolerance and investment time horizon.

Our Investment Advisors offer a wide variety of investment methodologies, from passive strategies to more active strategies. An active investment strategy is one in which the portfolio investment allocation can change frequently to help combat market volatility.

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We know that the ultimate test for any self-directed retirement plan is what it produces at retirement. KTRADE is the key to empowering your plan to maximize its outcomes.