Fee Transparency

KTRADE Is Committed to Earning Your Confidence

At KTRADE, we believe in trust and transparency. We take seriously our promise to fully disclose all our fees. Our recordkeeping fees are among the lowest in the industry. And KTRADE credits all revenue sharing we receive against our fees, further reducing costs to your employees. Our low fees translate into higher net returns and, in turn, higher balances for your employees. Over the lifetime of a retirement plan, that savings can be significant.

We maintain all accounts and perform all transactions on a true share-value basis. That means that the share price of a mutual fund available through KTRADE is the same share price listed in the Wall Street Journal. Some of our competitors trade on a unit value; this is called unitized accounting. The reason given for use of this option is often “ease of administration.” But unitized accounting can be confusing to your employees—and even misleading. With unitized accounting, fees can be easily hidden. At KTRADE, we don’t use unitization of the share price to hide fees.

When you work with KTRADE, you’ll find that all fees are clearly and accurately displayed in each transaction history. Many employer fiduciaries aren’t aware that some mutual funds provide revenue to the recordkeeping platform. We fully disclose all such mutual fund revenue sharing. Additionally, we offer you a full accounting of all revenue sharing received from the investment of your plan’s assets. We disclose all revenue—and we make sure that the plan’s participants are the ones who benefit from it.

With KTRADE, you always know exactly what you’re getting and where you stand.