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KTRADE Is Committed to Serving your Investment Advisor

Our services are designed to ensure your Investment Advisor performs optimally. We place no restrictions on the investment solutions that can be offered to you – which means your Advisor is free to deliver your employees the investment solutions they believe are best suited for them.

Because many employees find investing to be a complex process—and live lives that are already complicated enough—we can help your Investment Advisor offer a professionally managed account option.

KTRADE’s managed account option means that your Advisor can manage what your employees don’t have the time, or desire, to manage. From account set-up to oversight management, we can help your Advisor do it all. In fact, history shows that when a professional helps an employee manage a retirement account, it can be the single greatest factor in maximizing that account’s success.

We understand the important role your Investment Advisor plays in helping your employees achieve a secure retirement. We excel at collaboration, offering the tools and expertise your Advisor needs. The result is a retirement fund your employees can depend on.

KTrade Advisor Product Sheet

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We know that the ultimate test for any self-directed retirement plan is what it produces at retirement. KTRADE is the key to empowering your plan to maximize its outcomes.